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TVI - timer video inserter
LTC timer video insert HD/SD





The Time Video Inserter HD inserts both the UP / DOWN timer information and the Timecode on the video input.

The unit reads the SMTPE / EBU LTC and inserts the timecode on an SDI video signal.

Two SDI outputs with the final input SDI.

Additionally, up to 30 characters of user-defined text can be entered in the video.

Independent font windows are available and can be used to insert both the Timecode and the UP and DOWN counter.

Different fonts are available and characters can be placed anywhere on the video using the horizontal and vertical controls.

The font size can be changed by x2, x3, x4

The background of the displayed characters can be transparent and adjustable in intensity.

The font colors included are grayscale and any combination of RGB colors.

The unit is easily configurable using the front panel controls.

It can be connected to a remote control unit via an RS422 connection (up to 500mt).

The LTC output can be connected to a LED display unit with either LTC Timecode or UP / DOWN timer information.

The front panel controls consist of four buttons used to navigate through the various configuration menus.

They are displayed on a 16 x 2 character LCD display. The PC software (optional) is easy to use through a GUI (User Graphics Interface) interface used to configure the TVI.





Countdown mode
Countup mode

LTC mode






Remote Time Video Inserter is the remote video table unit of Time Video Inserter.

The unit is comprised of a 8-digit green LED display that displays both Timecode and UP / DOWN timer information .

For easy setting of numeric values, backlit numeric keys have been set up that allow quick set up of values to be set.

The LED display shows hours, minutes, seconds and frames for real-time counting or timecode control.

The START key starts counting the numeric value set on the graphic display.

The STOP button stops counting but can be restarted by resuming the START button.

The RESET key resets the count to zero in the case of UP timer or the preset value for a DOWN timer.

There are three buttons for menu and unit settings.

The set values are saved in a buffer memory if the device is turned off.



In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.