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BOX audio PC

2x1 audio switcher for PC professional audio card
with XLR connectors


audio switcher for audio card


2x1 Audio switcher to be inserted in one 5.25" front slot of a computer (reserved usually to the CD/DVD driver).
The Box Audio PC, interface him with professional audio and audio/video cards provide of XLR audio inputs (for example: OSPREY audio/video acquisition cards), it allows to work with connectors in front of PC, both XLR (balanced signals) that jack 3 mm (unbalanced signals) and it has also the function of 2x1 audio switcher.

On front panel there are:


On the back of the apparatus there is a power connector equal to that that we can also find on hard disk, floppy and CD, there is a 9 pins D female connector with which, through a special cable, the Box Audio PC connects him to the input and output of the audio/video PC card , moreover is present a connector for remote keyboard control.

audio switcher for audio card


audio switcher for professional audio card


In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.