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talkback producer
16 channels intercom system

Talkback Producer is an intercom created to interface itself to those 16 channels audio mixer that have not in endowment the talkback option.

Talkback Producer allows the communication (individual or in group) between the producer and who it is found on the other head of each of 16 lines in input of the audio mixer (for example: means the headsets with the artists in studio during a session of record or with the musicians on the stage-set means the monitor speakers on during an live execution).

The system is composed from two separate apparatus: Talkback Producer Console (2RU container) and Talkback Producer Central Unit (3RU container).


Talkback Producer Console

It is the unit (high 2RU) that contains: all the intercom controls, the microphone and the loudspeaker for the listening.


front panel

rear panel

talkback producer - front (click on photo to enlarge)


Talkback Producer Central Unit

It is the unit (high 3 RU) that contains the cards that develop the function of audio commutation and interfacement between the channel of the producer and the 16 channels in input.

The front panel is provided of a door to be able to access rapidly to 9 cards inside, for to monitor if all the leds that inform the correct power are ON and for to be able to replace the cards in case of failure.


rear panel

Operating modes

The Talkback Producer is introduced in series between the 16 sources sound and the 16 inputs of the mixer, the mixer output instead passes inside the talkback producer and succeeds to go the final user.

The communications (of type speaks/listen) are always commanded from the producer for means of the console, if for example the producer wants to give alone indications to the technician connected to the input 1 of the mixer presses the key TB1 of the TALK bar (monostable) if instead it wants to listen to the same technical use also the key LINE1 of the LISTEN bar (this key is able to be is monostable that bistable).

The activation of the keys of the LISTEN bar interrupt the listening aside of the producer of the sound in exit from the mixer.

If the producer presses the key TB TO ALL can be listened simultaneously from everyone that it is connected to 16 input lines.


talkback producer - rear (click on photo to enlarge)


In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.