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TBP10 - 10 channels intercom full duplex

TBP10 - 10 channels intercom full duplex

The TBP10 is the main unit of a handsfree system  for professional communication, composed by a intercom TBP10 and from a maximum of 10 remote intercom stations EL4400/S.
The system is proper to be used during the production of films and television programs but it can be employed for comment, dubbing and any other purpose.
The TBP10 has an IFB input (interrupted feedback) to be able to listen the audio signal of the program in processing that is interrupted when begins the conversation with one of the EL4400/S stations.


TBP10 - 10 channels intercom full duplex
Remote station EL4400/S


The TBP10 is normally installed in the control room or in the comment/speaker room and all the EL4400/Ss in the various connected rooms (for instance editing rooms).
The start of the connection among a station EL4400/S and the TBP10 it is executed pressing on the "TALK" lever switch present on the EL4400/S; to happened connection, the corresponding led on TBP10 is on, if in this circumstance, another intercom activates the lever switch "TALK", the corresponding led on TBP10 flashes but the connection is not activated, the second EL4400 remains in stand-by up to when the first conversation is not completed.
The principle of functioning is based on a priority system, the EL4400/S linked to the connector number 1 has the highest priority, the number 10 that lowest. If the EL4400/Ss that activate an request are two, the EL4400/S with lowest priority has to attend the end of the conversation of the EL4400/S with highest priority The connection with the stations EL4400/S happens through particular XLR connectors with which it has been possible keep down the height dimension of the TBP10 in only 1RU 19."


TBP10 - 10 channels intercom full duplex

TBP10 - rear


The connection among the TBP10 and the EL4400s, is FULL DUPLEX and HANDSFREE; for a correct operation it is necessary to regulate the potentiometer set on the anterior panel of the central intercom (TBP10) so that among the interlocutors happens.a communication without interruptions.
The TBP10 is endowed with a particular circuit anti Larsen to eliminate the reentry of the signal audio among loudspeaker and microphone.
The optimal position of the potentiometers must be retouches in the case in which there is a notable difference of noisiness in the environments where are placed the intercoms.


TBP10 - 10 channels intercom full duplex
TBP10 - detail

TBP10 - 10 channels intercom full duplex
TBP10 - detail

TBP10 - 10 channels intercom full duplex
TBP10 - connectors detail


Microphone Input

Microphone Outputs (MIC OUT)

Talkback Inputs (RTB In)

Talkback Outputs (TB OUT)

Interrupted Feedback Input (IFB In) for audio program

0 dB Output
Audio output for the connection to an external amplification system, with 0 dB level independent from the regulation of the volume of listening on the frontal panel.


LED of signaling



In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.

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