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TC5+ DTMF telecontrol for remote base
5 ON/OFF channels + 1 power off channel + 1 temperature channel

dtmf remote control


The TC5+ is a remote monitoring system previously manufactured to test  the correct working of all installed equipments inside of a TV repeater room situated on the top of a mountain. It can be also used for several other applications.
The TC5+ is composed by a transmitter and a receiver equipment.
The system send DTMF bi-tone information on the audio line and it allows to test from remote the status of:


The channel used to control the environmental temperature has got a pre-set up range between 15°C and 40°C.
By a simple process is possible to change rather the minimum value (between 0 and 45° C) than the maximum value (between 0 and 45° C) of the temperature range.
Maximum and minimum temperature data are saved into a flash memory keeping this information even when the supply is absent.
The transmitter DMTF is able is to point out the supply absence and send details about this alarm; this operation is lasting about 30 seconds thanks to the presence of two big capacitors able to provide the necessary energy for the above mentioned time.


dtmf remote control
transmitter front panel

DTMF telecontrol
transmitter rear panel


Obviously this alarm indicates that remote post is working with an alternative energy source (battery or generator group) and therefore is necessary to send some technicians on the place in order to solve the problem as soon as possible.
If the problem keeps unsolving the service will be stopped in a few time.
On the transmitter (remote post) there is an address selector that allows to choose between different addresses (from 0 to 9) that it should necessary have to coincide to the receiver DTMF address that receives data to be monitored.
On the back side of the transmitter are situated the clamp taking over the 5 external locks and the two XLR input connectors and the audio output and the DTMF signal.
It's possible to insert into an audio input connector, a line signal coming from a pre-amplified microphone to send vowel information to a control post (receiver).
Data are transmitted in a DTMF size every about 2 seconds and the receiver will control the transmission attendance even if  any alarm is on.
If an audio connection is interrupted or the receiver address it doesn't coincide to the transmitter one, all the 5 flashing led will show the absence of DTMF input data.
If one the 5 alarm channel is on, the receiver led  will be on and the acoustic alarm will utter an intermittent sound.
To deactivate this sound it's necessary to press the SETUP key and the alarm led will pass from a fix state to a flash one state indicating the acoustic signal deactivation.


DTMF telecontrol

receiver front panel


DTMF telecontrol
receiver rear panel


The 5 led starting up meets the 5 relays that will close all clamps output situated on the receiver back panel.
When the energy on the transmitter is faulty, the receiver will indicate it by switching on the power down led and closing the relay on 1 and 2 connectors pin with 4 contacts situated on the back panel.
After about 30 sec. the transmitter stops to send DTMF data and all receiver leds will be flashing.
When the temperature sensor of the transmitter shows that the environmental temperature  is out of the set up range, the alarm will be sent to the receiver, so the OVER RANGE TEMP will be lighted and the relay will be closed on the 3 and 4 pin of the 4 contacts round connector situated on the back panel.
It's possible to put  the audio output of several receiver into a loop state, taking care that each single receiver has been placed to an identification address, different from the other ones.
Both the transmitter and the receiver supply is of 220 Vac.



In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.