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ROCKY 10 - portable TV monitor stereo 10"
analog/DVB TV tuner - CVBS/SDI inputs - embedded audio


rocky 10 portable 10" tv monitor dvb sdi cvbs
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ROCKY 10 is a Portable TV/Monitor stereo, with embedded lithium battery, ideal for the one that is involved with video shots in external, it is endowed with two video inputs: an analogical CVBS and an digital SDI with embedded audio, it possesses a tuner to receive the TV channels that transmits both in analogical that on terrestrial digital (DVB-T, only not encrypt), it has a 10" color display LCD TFT and it is compatible with the PAL/NTSC television standards, besides it is of strong construction and proper for the immediate vision of the shots realized out of your production studio, both in low that in high frequency.
ROCKY 10 is incorporated into a case made by a waterproof and not-deformable plastic material, provided with a stereo amplifier and a pair of loudspeaker to audio listening.
The monitor accepts simultaneously PAL/NTSC (auto switching) analogical signals on the composite CVBS input and digital signals on SDI IN input.
The ROCKY 10 can be supplied with a 220 V net by a IEC connector (it incorporates a power supply/charge battery based on the switching modern technology), it can be also supplied by linking a 12 V outside source to the 4 pins XLR connector (the same one used in broadcast cameras) or by means of a built-in lithium battery.
The ROCKY 10 pictures show bright colours and an high definition between a large view angle also with the presence of a direct light coming from back (of the operator).The ROCKY 10 is born to be used during broadcast television shots but it can also used for the following applications:




All electronic section, connectors and drivers included, have been inserted into the waterproof case in order to isolate it in a close fitting manner from outside when its cover is closed.
Here following the extraordinary characteristics of this little suitcase firstly produced only for military use:



rocky 10 portable 10" tv monitor dvb sdi cvbs
click on photo to enlarge


rocky 10 portable 10" tv monitor dvb sdi cvbs


In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.