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C/O SDI x 32 Latched

elman change over C/O SDI x 32 Latched
remote controls (click on photo to enlarge)


C/O SDI x 32 Latched is a multiple change over (switcher) for SDI serial digital video composed by 32 modules and each of them has 2 inputs and 1output.
Switching happens with high quality performances and features in different formats, from 1 Mbps until 540Mpbs.


elman change over C/O SDI x 32 Latched
switching master station


C/O SDI x 32 Latched has been realized for different applications: TV stations, recording studios. telecommunication, broadcast, schools, etc…

C/O SDI x 32 Latched is devided into 3 parts: the switching master station (5RU 19” high) and two remote controls; the first one controls change overs from 1 to 16 and the second one from 17 to 32.
Every remote control is 1RU 19” high.

The Switching Master Station is equipped with 2 power suppliers (note the two connectors of power supply in the image that shows the back of the apparatus).

Both the two power suppliers work in parallel to avoid the apparatus cuts out even if one of the two power suppliers is damaged.
The connection among the three units is obtained through 32 multiple cables with connectors type D9.

Even if there is not electrical energy every change over maintains the last selected channel (latched).
On frontal panel of remote controls are located the buttons (protected by a trasparent flap to avoid accidental switchings) necessary for the switching of each one of change overs and 2 leds per key that point out the selected input channel.



elman change over C/O SDI x 32 Latched  
rear of apparatus (click on photo to enlarge)


In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.