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RCVC - PAL radio controlled video clock (DCF 77.5 Khz)


RCVC - PAL radio controlled video clock (DCF 77.5 Khz)




RCVC - PAL radio controlled video clock (DCF 77.5 Khz)




RCVC - PAL radio controlled video clock (DCF 77.5 Khz)


RCVC - PAL radio controlled video clock (DCF 77.5 Khz)


RCVC is a single RU/19" high precision video clock, managed by a microprocessor unique in its kind.

It can be radio synchronized through Long Waves signal, emitted by the German station DCF77 (Mainflingen - Frankfurt) 50 Kw in AM at 77.5 Khz.
The synchronization signal is generated by atomic clocks with cesium oscillator.
RCVC doesn't need any setting for seasonal time change or leap year correction.
Thanks to its possibility of synchronization, RCVC can be used on the whole territory reached by DCF77, that is the great part of European territory.
RCVC displays on the video the following indications: hour, minute, second, day of the week, day, month and year.
It is possible to display part of the indications, i.e. only hour and minute.
Without the incoming video signal the insert will be displayed on the color background video signal generated by RCVC.
RCVC has an adjustable TIMER with count down or stop-watch functions, very useful e.g. in a dubbing studio.
You may change the character's dimensions through the menu (4 different types) and shift them along the X and Y axis of the display.
The characters are white with a black edge to avoid sparkling effect with the background signal.
Furthermore RCVC can be programmed as a time controller of the opening and closing time of 2 different relays.
It is available an RS422 output to control remote displays up to 800 meters from RCVC.
A standard output RS232, programmable up to 9600 baud with 9 pin connector output, provides the synchronization of personal computers.
RCVC is the right choice to register in the archive your TV programs, displaying on the images the exact broadcasting time.
On the front panel you can find: alphanumeric display, providing date and time information which will be displayed also on the video, time set up/down push button, normal/bypass push button to bypass the clock information from the video signal, push button to display the menu on the video.
On the rear panel you can find: power supply connector 220 Vac, input and output video connectors, synchronization signal connectors, D9 connector for RS422 output, D9 connector for RS232 output, output connector for the 2 relays of the time control.
Design and specifications subject to change without prior notice.


RCVC - PAL radio controlled video clock (DCF 77.5 Khz)
RCVC/RC Remote Console Display


N.B. RCVC uses microprocessor technology, thus, if requested, it can be adapted to the specific requirements of the user.


DCF/RCVC: DCF77 Radio receiver
RAI/RCVC: RAI Radio receiver.


In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.