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Suitecase for TV commentator location

all that is necessary in a TV commentator location, contained in a suitcase


Suitecase for TV commentator location


ELMAN suitcase for TV commentator location is a “very little studio” that contains 10 pull-out sliding audio and video drawers. They in a while allow to make operative the commentator location of TV transmissions, in particular in case of external shots.
It is a portable multifunction unit realized in a particular hard suitcase equipped with 4 embedded fold up legs (you don’t need a table to put it) and with an embedded trolley to make the transport easier.

The apparatuses contained in the suitcase for commentator location are:
15” full color LCD TFT Monitor/TV for the control of signals sent in low frequency by the studio.
TV section works with signals transmitted in VHF/UHF, both in analog and digital (DVB).
On sides of the screen of monitor are 2 loudspeakers for audio listening.


Suitecase for TV commentator location


Modular apparatus section, starting from the left, is made up of:


  1. Amplifier with level regulator of audio signal coming from RX1R-IN and RX1L-IN; the output of this module is sent to input 3 of the switcher audio.
  2. Digital/analog converter: the signal sent to RX1R-IN (AES) can be analog or digital by moving the level switcher located on the frontal panel on AES position; the two output stereo signals are taken by RX1R-OUT and RX1L-OUT.
  3. Analog/digital converter: it is started up by the same level switcher described previously. In this case signals sent to TX2L-IN and TX2R-IN can be taken in analog by TXL2-OUT and TXR2-OUT or in digital by TX2L-OUT (AES).

    Input 0 dB on RX1L-IN
    Output on RX1L-OUT
    Level: = - 2 dB on 600 Ohm
    Bandwidth:=  200Hz – 30 Khz
    THD + Noise =0,1%
    S+ N/N=  –63 dB

Suitecase for TV commentator location
(click on photo to enlarge)


Suitecase for TV commentator location
(click on photo to enlarge)


Suitecase for TV commentator location
(click on photo to enlarge)


In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.