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RBB - radio broadcast box


RBB - radio broadcast box


The constant growth of the technological innovations in the field of the communications, makes a suitable solution also for the radio reportages.
RBB Radio Broadcast Box proposed by ELMAN, occupies little space and it becomes, once open, a practical and versatile posting to work, ideal for all the RadioNetworks that use the radio reporter without the help of technical personnel.

It contains all the necessary to realize a connection with the headquarter, both through ISDN lines  or a GSM Hybrid  or a normal analogical telephone line.

This solution reflects the evolution of the working sector of the broadcast reporter in the next future.

The reporter will be always more autonomous from the technical personnel, especially in external environment and even his tools will be more and more miniaturized, simple and technologically advanced, here that the Radio Broadcast Box becomes an effective and flexible solution for the reporter.

The ELMAN's suitcase, compacts all the spaces and the essential tools to effect, with simplicity, connections in external environment without any additional help, also the video is already inserted in the cover of the suitcase, with a 15" LCD monitor that allows an optimal vision of any event.

The ELMAN possesses the know how to project and realize a suitcase for reporter according to the demands of the client using the desidered equipment.

The Radio Broadcast Box by  ELMAN is the correct answer for any need in the field of the news, where the immediate news and to be present on the place of the event in the shortest possible time, ready to transmit it is the priority condition of the reporter.



The system is realized in a rigid suitcase in polipropilene, provided of  integrated telescoping cart, with trailer handle for drawing and lifting function.

The suitcase is provided of two lateral closings with lock and an anterior one with combination; besides a special gasket on the cover isolates the internal equipment from the external atmospheric agents (dust, humidity etc..)

Thanks to its dimensions: 55 x 40 x 20 cm., according to the IATA rules  , RBB is considered hand baggage  and then can be transported in the vain passengers of an airplane.
The following equipment are inserted in the suitcase:


The codec/mixer allows to realize radioreportages  or interviews through a ISDN line  (Connected to the port of the Network Terminal Plus with RJ45 interface ), so to effect a full duplex connection with the headquarter, using CCITT G722 protocol for the coding.

Substitute to a possible failure of the ISDN line , allowing the connection with the Center through GSM telephone.



It is a complete system to transmit the news, contained in a suitcase that represents the top of the portable systems for the news.

The ELMAN's Radio Broadcast Box  is a high quality system, at a convenient cost, ideal for the most demands on the Radio Network field.

The high-technology hardware structure, the  small dimensions and lightweight that allow an easy transportation.



Easy use, any complicated setup, compatible codec/mixer with the most common codec for ISDN lines  on the market and, a simple and intuitive GSM Hybrid.



Any your specific request can be arranged, projected and manufactured, together with the ELMAN's engineering team .

We can find the solutions to your needs, following your indications, offering you the possibility to intervene, with your suggestions, on the current project of engineering.

The ELMAN team  is careful to the complete project, and realizes sure and reliable equipment. The rationalization of the spaces, to contain the dimensions of the equipment destined to an use in external, is an our other motive of pride.



Interviews, comments and radio reportages from the event place to headquarter  (The short delay of coding, is the ideal to provide through the headset the audio quality  necessary to the connections for the news).


Transmission with Codec for ISDN lines 

The current reporter you can be requested (for example if the buyer is a Radio Network) also to transmit the radio reportage or interview through audio codec for ISDN lines . The choice of the proper codec is in function of application, for which, in case of only spoken and of live radio reportage the best choice is a codec with G722 protocol , as the coding time which  is about 20 ms, for which the return from headquarter doesn't disturb the reporter with an excessive echo.



We give some information about the digital lines. The ISDN, offers  to Radios Networks the possibility to spread high quality modulation mono or stereo simply composing a telephone number. A line ISDN is composed by two channels (said channels B) with a bit rate of 64 Kbps (anymore a channel of signaling (denominated D) with an rate of 16 Kbps). A basic channel “B” ISDN has a bit rate of 64 Kbit/s and using configurations that go from a single channel (half ISDN line) up to 6 syncronized channels (three ISDN lines to 384 Kbit/s), can be had bandwidths  from 7,5 KHz mono  (G722) up to 22,5 KHz stereo  or dual channels assuming a compression of 4:1 (MUSICAM). Compression ratios more exasperated can be obtained, on a single ISDN line, at 128 Kbps (ISO-MPEG1 Layer 3).

The EBU (European Union of Diffusion) has recommended only to follow the compression with algorithm CCITT G722 for spoken transmissions. The most salient requisite of any system of compression in real time, is to get a low accrual of bit with the least delay and the smallest loss in terms of quality audio both respect to the aspect of the distorsion both of the noise. The bandwidth audio, is directly proportional to the sampling frequency that is used.

The compression coding incorporating any type of actual algorithm, introduces a delay in the elaboration that can go from few milliseconds, in some codec, to about ten  milliseconds in others.



The G722, the first compression algorithm of quality, approved by the CCITT about twenty years ago, it is still very used for applications of only spoken. The G722 treats the signal in two sub-bands, with 6 bit resolution for low frequencies 50 Hz-4 KHz and with 2 bit resolution  for the high frequencies from 4 Khz to 7 Khz (for which has a bandwidth of 7 kHz). It asks only for 64 (or 56) kbps and it is characterized by a really contained delay for which it is very used only in transmissions of spoken in full duplex in real time, without must to matrix the return  (n-1).


RBB - radio broadcast box


This suitcase has been projected to meet all the requests of the radioreporters offering, in a single container, everything is necessary to transmit with the last technologies.


Short operational notes

In the Radio Broadcast Box is inserted a audio codec projected on purpose for being used with immediateness,  because much simple and intuitive.

The audio codec offers a perfect quality audio , from the 20kHz of bandwidth of the protocol ISO MPEG Layer II to the 7 kHz of the CCITT G722, to arrive with an analogical telephone line to the 3,4 kHz of the CCITT G711.

The codec has two inputs MIC/LINE on XLR and two independent out for the headphones moreover the useful function “international sound”; it has a low delay (10 ms) and the possibility to transmit on GSM and it can be preseted for the automatic answer.

The menu that allows to adjust the codec, is a simple list of the principal options then divided in secondary menu, in similar manner of a cellular telephone.

The interface of the audio encoder for ISDN lines is similar to a keyboard of a cellular telephone, where the button with the green handset allows to send the call and the button with the red handset to close it.


Preparations and setup

The user (in the example in figure) arrives in a Soccer Stadium, opens the suitcase and through the cable he connects the power supply, then using the cable RJ45 in endowment, it connects the codec to the Network Terminal plus.

For the control with the headquarter, the suitcase is endowed with a telephone that goes connected, through the cable RJ11, in the special port of the Network Terminal Plus. Moreover, the cover of the suitcase contains a 15" LCD monitor to connect to the video signal furnished by the service (or in the case of a cabin already wired in stadium is used the special video output).

notice that it is possible to have a optional TV/monitor with remote control that accepts any video signal: PAL, XGA, NTSC(only like monitor).


Connection with the Headquarter

After having connected the suitcase it is simple to make the test with the headquarter, using for calling (and as circuit of control) the telephone in endowment, in the case of a ISDN connection with protocol CCITT G 722 (bandwidth 7kHz), set the codec through the access to a simple menu (or better if you have already  preseted it in the headquarter), compose the telephone number related to the codec ISDN in the headquarter, and press key send (green handset), is used headphone with microphone and begin the test of connection, regulating through the special potentiometer both the headphone return (out mixer/codec more return of Center) both the level of the microphone (0+20+40+60 dB).

We advise to put ON the limiter because it has really excellent performances. In the case in which a ISDN line is not available but there is only a normal analogical telephone line, the connection can be effected however, setting the codec in the protocol CCITT G711 (telephone bandwidth: 3 Khz) and connecting it to the port RJ11.


Simple management of the emergencies

In the unfortunate case in which you don't work neither the line ISDN neither the telephone line, no fear because in the suitcase is contained a hybrid (powered by battery or by power supply) for connect it with a  cellular phone endowed with headphone/microphone. In the case of live transmission, in which the return was disturbed or unintelligible, in the suitcase is also lodged a digital radio receiver ready to the use like return in headphone.




The Radio Broadcast Box can be equipped (in demand):


RBB - radio broadcast box



In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.