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GPI PRC - programmable remote control
(general purpose interface)


GPI PRC - programmable remote control
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The GPI (General purpose interface) is a signal of synchronization that is produced by some consumer or professional apparatuses and is transmitted to compatible apparatuses.
The GPI PRC (Programmable Remote Control) is a programmable remote control realized in a 1 RU metal container that can be used to control both GPI apparatuses and whatever electronic apparatuses.
The apparatus is equipped with 8 PRESET keys, a TAKE control and 8 LED SET to confirm that the take has been made.
The GPI PRC has 3 outputs: MAIN, REMOTE and BACKUP on female D25 connectors.

On every output connector are 8 opening and closing contacts of relé relating to that circuit  (MAIN, REMOTE or BACKUP) for an amount of 24 opening/closing contacts.

The GPI PRC has also an input connector (male D25) through which it is possible to access to 8 opto- isolated inputs to connect other apparatuses of the same kind in series.
Every output can be completely configured through software and can be defined for every key.
It is possible to decide trough software the GPI output or outputs to close; or, if there is the input connector with external closures, to decide what key is lighted or what GPI isclosed.

All the program of configuration of GPI Programmable Remote Control can be loaded by a computer through LAN socket located on back panel and can be also emulated through a software.
The programming language is in Basic that simplifies the change of functions of every key well explained in the program that is provided with the apparatus; the embedded development system is TIDE belonging to TIBBO company.
The GPI PRC can be used in all the systems where is necessary a remote control that must be adapted to the modes of the product to interface; for example to control a video switcher, an on the air system, an audio switcher etc.
The power supply is inside the apparatus.

GPI PRC - programmable remote control
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In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.